Straight seam pipe commonly used knowledge summary

Straight crease pipe alludes to weld steel cylinder and steel tube lined up with the longitudinal. Generally,Straight crease pipe regularly utilized information synopsis Articles otherwise called straight crease welded line and straight crease steel pipe [1]. Straight crease pipe is made by high recurrence welding machine will be plastic strip moved steel strip and USES the straight crease welded together. In ostensible distance across straight crease pipe determinations, as per the wall thickness can be isolated into dainty walled straight crease line and thick wall tube two straight. As per the shape can be separated into round, square or molded tube, and so on.

1. The welding

Straight crease pipe by and large take on high-recurrence welding, high recurrence welding is a sort of enlistment (or contact pressure welding) welding, it need to weld filler, no welding splash, thin welding heat impacted zone, weld shaping magnificence, weld the upsides of good mechanical execution, consequently is broadly utilized in steel creation. As per the standard of electromagnetic enlistment and acĀ steel doors and windows charge in the guide skin impact and closeness impact and swirl flow warming impact, make the edge of the weld steel privately warmed to a liquid express, the crushing roller, to understand the joint between the gem butt weld, to accomplish the reason for the welding crease, cooled to frame a strong straight crease weld.

2. The weld hole