Stack Overflows for Teams (referred to herein as “Product”) is a hosted software application tailored for sharing questions and answers within your company, and is owned and operated by Stack Overflow. For clarity, the Product is distinct from Stack Overflow’s Public Network that is subject to Stack’s Public Network terms (the “Public Network”).

Stack Overflow welcomes you to the Stack Exchange Network, the largest community of developers in the world (also referred to as “Global Network”). This Product allows you to participate in both (i) the Public Network and (ii) to post privately within your Company to share knowledge with your peers and colleagues. To that end, we provide you with this Agreement to advise you of the benefits and legal obligations associated with Company’s use of the Product, and/or any associated services provided with the Product and/or services purchased by Company to use with the Product (collectively, “Services”). This Agreement governs the use of the Product and Services by Company.