Use Generics to get a typed result of my little compose function

My compose function is actually very simple:

const compose = (outer: any, inner: any) => (...innerParams: any) =>   outer(inner(...innerParams)); 

When I now do this:

const theInner = (p1: string, p2: string): string => [p1, p2].join(' '); const theOuter = (p1: string): number => p1.length;  const theComposed = compose(theOuter, theInner); const theResult = theComposed('asdf', 'asdf'); 

VSCode’s type hint shows me const theComposed: (...innerArgs: any) => any when I hover on theComposed and on theResult I get const theResult: any.
So all the types are lost.

I’ve been trying out several ways to get this done with Generics, but unfortunately I seem to be unable to wrap my head around this.

This is one of my failures:

export const compose = <   T extends CallableFunction,   U extends CallableFunction,   PT extends ThisParameterType<U> >(   outer: T,   inner: U ) => (...args: PT[]) => outer(inner(args)); 

And this results in theComposed showing const theComposed: (...args: unknown[]) => any and theResult is still any.
And the most things I tried for the return type were anyway only driving the typescript compiler going mad at me.

The desired result would be that I get:

const theComposed: (p1: string, p2: string) => number 

Is that even doable?


Professor Asked on October 18, 2020 in Android langue.
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