Subscription Marketplace with Comission

I am trying to build a subscription marketplace platform where sellers will be able to sell subscriptions to buyers. I want to charge sellers a fee for using the platform. For example if a seller posts a subscription to buyers for $30 / month, when a buyer subscribes to them, $27 will go to the seller and $3 will go to me for using the platform (10% commission).

I looked into the Paypal Subscription API but it doesn’t support my use case of charging sellers a fee/commission for using the platform. I have considered building a system in which buyer subscription payments will go into my Paypal Business Account instead of directly to the seller and then paying the sellers with the use of Payouts. There is some risk in building this system and I would ideally like for payments to directly go to sellers with some percentage going to me. Is there anyway this can be built Paypal? If not what are other possible integrations that could be used.

Professor Asked on October 18, 2020 in Android langue.
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